Plainview Activity Monitor

Plugin for PHP v5.4+ that monitors WordPress hooks for user activity on a blog or network.

Plainview Protect Passwords

Prevent password resets or changes to specific users or user roles. User-specific exceptions to the sweeping user roles can be set. The user’s password is then protected from modification.

Plainview SDK

I usually use this PHP SDK when writing my WordPress plugin. It allows me to quickly write plugins that use standard WordPress UI components and functions.

ThreeWP Broadcast

Network plugin for PHP v5.4 to broadcast posts to other blogs in the network. Custom post types, custom taxonomies, post meta and attachments are supported. A blog whitelist and blacklist exist. Includes a plugin that provides nominal support for WPML translations.

ThreeWP Broadcast Plugin Packs

Broadcast can be expanded using various plugin packs to make broadcasting easier and faster.